Acoustic Energy’s AEGO Soundbar 2.1 [First-Class PC Gaming Audio]

We’re going to play spoiler and tell you upfront that the AEGO Soundbar 2.1 system would make an excellent addition to your PC gaming setup if you’re looking for crisp, and powerful audio in a …

We’re going to play spoiler and tell you upfront that the AEGO Soundbar 2.1 system would make an excellent addition to your PC gaming setup if you’re looking for crisp, and powerful audio in a compact design.

Sure it’s not the newest kid on the block but new doesn’t always equal good.

We like the AEGO Soundbar 2.1 so much, all we can say is “Leggo my AEGO!”

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Acoustic Energy

For more than 30 years, UK’s Acoustic Energy has been making stellar sound system equipment for audiophiles, PC gamers, and multimedia enthusiasts. Acoustic Energy hit the map when they released their AE1 studio monitor, which received worldwide praise.

The AE1 studio monitor is so good, that original studio monitors are still highly sought after. Used original AE1 studio monitors fetch anywhere from $1-2K, while remakes fetch $2K or more. They are the preferred monitor of Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck, Air), who in our opinion, is one of the best engineers.

So, what you get from Acoustic Energy is a high-quality product that’s designed to impress the best of the best audiophiles in the world.

AEGO Soundbar 2.1 Overview

The AEGO Soundbar 2.1 is an amazing system that brings impressive quality audio experience to your PC gaming or streaming system for small to medium-sized rooms (300 square feet or less). The subwoofer with built-in amplifier delivers powerful low frequencies, while the soundbar contributes mid-range frequencies and crisp high notes to create high-definition stereo sound in a small compact design.


At just a hair under 20″ long, 3″ tall, and 3″ deep, this soundbar can be wall-mounted below your HDTV or placed on your desk below your HD gaming monitor. If placed flat, the speakers are positioned at a slight upward angle.

Due to its size, this soundbar won’t fill a large room with booming sound but will do just fine for small to medium size spaces. The smaller size does limit the overall sound as it doesn’t exactly reach the height of amazing.

Even then, this soundbar will satisfy most people and it’s plenty good for PC gaming enthusiasts. PC gamers aren’t exactly gaming in large rooms most of the time, which makes the AEGO Soundbar 2.1 more than adequate.


The subwoofer pairs well with the soundbar to deliver a tight bass sound. It doesn’t deliver deep “ground-thumping” sound but the basslines it pumps out are energetic. If anything, it does produce a clean soft thump.

The subwoofer is the size of a bookshelf speaker and measures approximately 8″ wide, 14″ tall and 12″ deep. It’s a wired subwoofer so you’ll have to keep it close to the soundbar. For a small to medium size room, this won’t be a deal breaker.

Build Quality

Even though the price is very reasonable for a high-quality soundbar system, nothing feels or looks cheap about it. The aluminum build is sturdy and looks sleek. The soundbar case is black etched with silver, while the speakers sit behind a fine black metal mesh.

The subwoofer on the other hand doesn’t look as sleek, and looks a little chunky in comparison. It’s as expected though since it’s designed to deliver a balanced sound for the low to mid-range frequencies.

The corners of the subwoofer enclosure are rounded giving it nice look as compared to boxier designs, and the speakers are placed neatly behind a black metal grille. The feature that we really like is the piano black glossy display across the top showing power, volume and connections.

Last but not least, the subwoofer RCA input jacks are tucked away neatly in the rear of the subwoofer enclosure, making it easier to fit it into tight places.

Without question, the build quality, look and feel are premium on the AEGO Soundbar 2.1 system. Just looking at it makes you want to turn it on and play your favorite PC game or watch an action movie.

Features and Connectivity

The AEGO Soundbar 2.1 system comes with a small simple-to-use (but easy to lose) remote to control the soundbar and subwoofer. For a small remote control, it does provide a lot of functionality with LED inidcator lights and control buttons for:

  • Power
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio Input
  • Volume
  • Bass Volume

There are three connectivity options on the AEGO Soundbar 2.1 including Bluetooth, optical and 3.5mm auxiliary.

On top of that, Acoustic Energy provides all the cables you need which is a nice touch if you’re on a budget.


The AEGO Soundbar 2.1 system strikes a good balance between high-quality sound, functionality, design and cost. You can’t go wrong with this system if you have a small to medium size room, and you can’t afford a premium top of the line sound system.

The number one reason to enhance your entertainment system is to provide high-quality audio that simply can’t be delivered by stock HDTV speakers. For this reason, the AEGO Soundbar 2.1 system is perfect.

You simply can’t go wrong with Acoustic Energy, a long-time industry leader and producer of high-quality sound products.

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